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The FAQ is probably the best place to start your quest for help. It was designed to give simple answers and suggestions to those common, known problems we have had experiance in dealing with ourselves.

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  1. Why is my 28.8 or 33.6 Modem Connecting at 57,600 (or 115,200)?
  2. I'm using Trumpet Winsock and can't connect?
  3. What's the best modem init to use when connecting to your POP's?
  4. My USR Modem frequently disconnects or can't connect?
  5. I'm using NT 4.0, and get no data transfer?
  6. Links to Data Sources on 28.8/33.6 fax-modems:

Why is my 28.8 or 33.6 Modem Connecting at 57,600 (or 115,200)?

First of all, your modem is NOT communicating with the remote modem at 115,200 bps! What you are seeing is the DTE rate (the speed your PC is talking to your modem) instead of the DCE rate (the speed your modem is talking to the remote modem). What you want to see is the DCE speed -- the communications speed that the two modems negotiate with each other when they CONNECT.

A good solution if you want to see actual connect speeds and other information about data transfer and such, is to use a dilaer/connection diagnostic tool. You can download a couple good shareware programs at TUCOWS or you can purchase a copy of one of the best reporting software apps available... Net Medic by Vital Signs will tell you EVERYTHING you will ever need to know about your connection.

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I'm using Trumpet Winsock and can't connect?

Most, if not all versions of Trumpet winsock, will need a script file to logon to the Internet. Below is a link to two such script files that should work. There is some additional, excellent information for troubleshooting Trumpet Winsock found at our HelpFirst Site.