Additional HELP from "outside sources"

We thought we'd share some links to sites that we have found helpful when tech supporting our own customers. Either to use for yourself or to refer your users to. If you come across a "dead" link or have any additions to our list, we'd be very happy to hear from you:

Probably our number one resource for referring customers for additional help that would have nothing to do with dial-up trouble, is a site StarNet's tech support had created itself...

Helpfirst-- HELPFIRST

Helpfirst contains a vast amount of info regarding almost anything to do with the web. FTP, Email, HTML and web design... and so on. We take great pride in having compiled this piece by piece as we came across this info ourselves, usually from other resources around the net. Direct your users there for Help on anything and everything!


Netscape Assistance

Netscape's Online Handbook -An official Netscape site
Netscape Tutorial Program -Graphicly "heavy", but very helpful for new users, who just need a little training
Netscape Unofficial FAQ -Very complete & useful !!


Modem & Modem Init String Resources -Excellent help & info for both 56K technologies and updates on the promised ITU standard.
Costmo's Initialization Strings A healthy list of INIT string links
Internet Indiana's init string database -Search for the best INIT string. A little outdtated, but still helpful.


Email Sites

Eudora FAQ's and links -All the help you'll ever need to use Eudora Lite (shareware version) and Pro
Pegasus Mail -Powerful program, but difficult to find any help for. This is the only site that offers some info for Pegasus.
"How do I save a copy of every message I am sending out?" -THE most commonly asked question! Send 'em here for the answer!!


The Dreaded SPAM

Fight Spam on the Internet! -A very complete site with several mirrors available.
How to Filter using Eudora 3.0+ -Personally, our favorite (and easy) way to beat the spammers.

Much, much more to come in following weeks. Check back soon!

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